beautify your online presence

t-1At Brux eDesign, we focus on the most important aspect of any website and that is the design. You could have great content but if it doesn’t look good, you lose customers….period!

We have spent many years mastering the art of functional web design that brings you what’s important…more customers and more sales.

Many other web design firms spend way too much time trying to make everything looking great and none of the time making functional websites that can generate sales and are geared for both social media and modern SEO practices. I’ve always said that great web design is the first foundation step to proper SEO marketing.

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take your business to the next level

f-1Our mission statement is simple, yet the most important part of our business.

Create functional websites that not only look great, but increase sales and traffic for our client.

If traffic and sales are important to you then let us help you create the perfect design for your business.

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results oriented design for our clients

pwshotHere you can see one of our client’s website. This client runs and we are continuly working on this website to help convert more visitors into buyers. We have just started with Phase #1 which we analyze what is currently happening with traffic levels right now.

Once we know what the visitors are looking for, we will run into Phase #2 which will start with doing design mockups to help highlight the portions of the website that drive revenue. Once Phase #2 is complete….we move onto Phase #3, which is getting the design changes live and then testing the results even more to be sure we went in the right direction.

Each market is different. The dog training market is much different than say….high end watches. In the dog market we know that pet owners will usually do anything to help give their dog what they need. Dogs get spoiled a lot, which turns out to be a great thing from a business standpoint. To see the PuppyWire website in full, just click on the “Read More” button in the bottom right corner.

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